Frequently asked questions

Joining BASK

Q: I'm not a member of BASK. Can I come to a BASK meeting to see what kind of people are in this club before I join?
A: Certainly! You don't need to be a BASK member to attend our Monthly Meetings. These informal events are held at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House in San Francisco. The Neighborhood House is located on 953 De Haro Street (Map), near the SF General Hospital. The meeting begins at 7:00pm, and ends around 9:30pm. The meetings begin with refreshments followed by news of upcoming trips and events, trip reports, announcements and a safety talk. Each meeting has a feature presentation by a guest speaker. For more information, check out our Upcoming Events page.

Q: The meeting was fun and the food was great. Now how do I join?
A: Joining is a two step process. Most of it can be done online here: Join BASK. But we still need your signature on our Membership Application and Liability Waiver. When we receive this form and your check, you'll be a BASK member.

Members Only web page access

Q: I forgot my password for the Members Only web page - can you tell me what it is?
A: For security reasons, we don't store passwords in human readable form in our database, so we couldn't tell you what your password is even if we wanted to. However, we can e-mail you a new, randomly generated password through Members Only Password Help.

Q: The random password that you sent me looks like gibberish. How do you expect me to remember something like that?
A: We don't. Once you've logged in, you can change your password to something more memorable: Change Password.

Q: I think I know my password, but I still can't get in.
A: Here are some things to check:

  • When your browser asks for your password, are you typing your User ID in the User ID box and your password in the password box?
  • Are you using proper capitalization? Your User ID must be typed in all lowercase. Your password must be typed using the same mix of upper and lower case that you used when you first chose your password.
  • Be sure there that you haven't typed (or pasted) any spaces before or after the User ID or password.
  • Be sure you're using your BASK Members Only user ID and password, not your buzz user ID and password (which might be different). Your buzz password is e-mailed to you every month; your Members Only password is not.
  • If you normally use your browser's password manager to remember your password, have you tried logging in without it? Maybe there's a problem with the password manager.
  • Have you paid your dues? Early in the year, we deactivate the passwords of those who haven't renewed their annual memberships.

If all else fails, you can get a new password e-mailed to you here: Members Only Password Help.

Buzz mailing list

Q: What is this "buzz" that I keep hearing about?
A: BASK maintains an electronic mailing list, devoted to discussion of sea kayaking related topics, for use by BASK members. Once you are subscribed, you can send messages to the list, and you'll receive messages sent by other list members. Information on subscribing, un subscribing, setting digest mode, temporary vacation mode and archive facilities can be found in the Members Only section on the buzz mailing list page.

Membership Data

Q: Can I examine my entry in the BASK membership database? What if I find a mistake?
A: You can get a complete report here: Review My Membership Info. If you need to make any corrections, you can update any of the information in your entry.

Q: I renewed my membership online, but my printer was out of ink and I couldn't print the waiver form then. Can I print another copy now?
A: Yes: Print My Membership Application/Liability Waiver Form.


Q: I've initiated a BASK trip. Where can I find a copy of the BASK Activity Liability Waiver form to bring to the put-in?
A: There's a copy in the centerfold of your BASK Handbook and Membership Directory, or you can download the BASK Activity Liability Waiver (PDF) for printing.

One last Questions

Q: I have a question that's not answered above. Who can help me?
A: Send e-mail to