Annual membership in BASK is $25 per person, $35 per family, or $15 for students, seniors, and out-of-state members. Join BASK.


Benefits of membership in BASK include:

  • Participation in trips, workshops and clinics for all skill levels. Trips lead us all over the Bay area, and an important goal of BASK is to offer opportunities for members to improve their sea kayaking skills. Periodic workshops include: open water rescues, tides and currents, kayak sailing, the surf zone, rock gardening, kayak repair, expedition planning, instructor training, etc. Our most ambitious program is the BASK Skills Clinic, an annual "Kayak Boot Camp" with an intensive mix of classroom and on-water instruction sessions held over 5 weekends every Aug/Sept.  We run this clinic for BASK members who have been paddling for a while with the club, but feel that they would like a more formal presentation and refinement of their skills.  All of the instructors are members, many are Skills Clinic graduates and some work as instructors for local companies.  The emphasis of the Clinic is on presenting and developing skills that will help students feel confident to enthusiastically participate in club events and contribute to the continued growth of the club by actively supporting BASK as better kayakers, trip initiators, instructors, and officers.
  • BASK members have also organized expeditions to Alaska, Baja, British Columbia, Chile, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, Tahiti and more. Although most trips are initiated by one or more persons, all trips are cooperative efforts with responsibilities shared by all participants. BASK does not supply boats or equipment, although some members may be willing to share equipment.
  • E-mail listserver for last-minute trip announcements, and discussion of anything else related to kayaking and of interest to our membership (and occasionally a few subjects that are NOT of relevance).
  • Access to the BASK Members Only Page with lots of additional information and features.
  • The BASK handbook and membership directory with contact information for all BASK members. While this information is entirely optional, most BASKers opt-in. In addition to the alphabetized listing, there is also a First Name Directory so that you can easily look up the contact information for that person named Andy that you paddled with last week. There is also a Zip Code Directory so that you can locate paddlers in your area to coordinate a car pool to the BASK meeting or explore a local paddling spot.
  • Access to our extensive Library of kayak related literature, videos, and DVDs.
  • Support of other groups and non-profits that care about and protect our paddling environment.