Members Only login help

To enter the Members-Only section of the BASK web page, you'll need your BASK UserID and Password.

If you are a current BASK member and you can't remember your UserID or Password, please fill out the following form, and we will send you your current BASK UserID, plus a new Password, by e-mail. For security reasons, we are unable to retrieve your current Password from our database, so you'll receive a new, randomly-generated Password instead. Once you have logged in, you will be able to change your Password to something more memorable.

BASK Login Help Request


If you've never been a BASK member, you can sign up here.

If your BASK membership has expired, you can renew it here.

If you joined BASK using the online signup web page, or if you renewed your membership online, then you chose your own UserID and Password at that time. Hopefully you've got them written down somewhere, or committed to memory. To jog your memory, they conform to the following rules:

  • Your UserID may be up to 32 characters long, must begin with a lowercase letter, and must contain only lowercase letters, numbers, dots ( . ), underscores ( _ ), and hyphens ( - ). Spaces and uppercase letters are not allowed.
  • Your Password may be from 6 to 8 characters long. Spaces and other nonprinting characters are not allowed, nor are any weird characters like Ü or ©; just stick to the characters that you can see printed on your keyboard. Case is significant - your Password may contain capital letters, and they will be treated as different characters from their lowercase equivalents.

Note for subscribers to Please note that your BASK Password is not the same as the password. Sorry, but the BASK web page and the buzz mailing list are handled by different servers, each with their own password system.

A note about Family Memberships: Each individual member of a BASK Family Membership has his or her own UserID and Password.

If your password suddenly stopped working sometime in early February, chances are you need to renew your membership. You'll get your login privileges back again when we receive your check. Have a nice day.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact the Database Administrator.