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COVID-19 Update: BASK Guidelines for Group Activities

July 1, 2021 Update: In light of recent revisions to COVID-19 guidelines by the U.S. Centers for Disease
Control (CDC), the State of California, and local Bay Area counties, BASK has dropped its recommendation that initiators of paddles and other in-person events screen potential participants for exposure to the virus.
The decision to conduct exposure screening or ask about vaccination status is now left to the activity initiator.
The screening questionnaire is still available for those who want to use it or adapt it. Similarly, on-site precautions such as social distancing and mask wearing when in close contact (for example, carpooling or gathering at a picnic table for lunch) are at the discretion of the initiator and the individuals participating.
This position will remain in effect until/unless any of the relevant government regulations
impacting BASK activities are made more restrictive.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, participation in any in-person group activity carries a non‑zero risk of contracting the disease. BASK has developed guidelines to help participants comply with government health regulations and to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus or transmitting it. The guidelines can be used as a checklist when planning and conducting BASK kayaking‑related activities. BASK has also updated our activity waivers with a COVID addendum.

Although California classifies outdoor activities such as kayaking as “low risk," our club events tend to bring together people from separate households over a wide geographic area, and can also involve periods of close contact if rescues are necessary. Because it's not possible to completely eliminate all risk of exposure to the virus, BASKers at higher risk for COVID-19 might want to consider staying home or paddling only with friends in a social-distancing bubble.

To find our pandemic paddling guidelines, if you're already a BASK member, log in to the BASK website; in the left menu, select Trips > Initiating Trips. You can find waivers on the Documents & Forms page. If you're not a member yet, consider joining!

We look forward to paddling with you! We also encourage you to participate in the club’s online meeting activities, which are listed on the Calendar in the Members Only section of the BASK website. Members can also sign up for Buzz, the club’s vigorous email list; you will find it in the Members Only section under Resources > Buzz Email List. Both are good ways to get to know members. Buzz can be used to find paddling partners, but private activities should be arranged back-channel. (An activity with specific time and launch location posted on Buzz counts as a club activity and requires an activity waiver.)

Finally, the Bay Area has many superb kayaking outfitters and instructors who may be equipped to follow health ordinances and get you on the water. Check them out!