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Welcome to BASK

BASK Response to COVID-19 Pandemic


Bay Area Sea Kayakers (BASK) is a group of several hundred sea kayakers who live throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Our interests include flat-water paddling, kayak-surfing, expeditions, and playing amongst the rocks, in conditions that range from mild to wild. Our club exists to bring paddlers together for companionship, safety, exploration, learning, and great food and drink! We welcome as members all individuals interested in kayaking. We’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive paddling club and to sharing our enthusiasm, skills, and knowledge to increase equity and access to our sport.


BASK trips range from local to international, and are all member-initiated with shared responsibilities for safety. BASK does not supply boats or equipment, although some members are willing to share their equipment. You have to be a member or a guest of a member to participate in on-the-water BASK events and a signed activity waiver is required. Follow the links to learn more about the benefits of membership and to join BASK.


We invite you to attend one of our monthly meetings, currently online due to the pandemic! They are free and open to the public. The format of each meeting may vary a bit month to month, but they tend to include members sharing stories, featured speakers, club news, and information about upcoming events. It’s a great way to meet club members and learn about paddling opportunities. For more information see the Events page!

Would you like to speak at a BASK meeting or have an idea for a speaker? Contact the Speaker Seeker. Interested in what type of speakers we’ve had in the past? See the list of previous general meeting topics.


  • Next General Meeting: Wednesday, August 25 (Online)

    • Hello all BASKers:

      General meeting will be at 7:00PM on Wednesday, August 25.
      The meeting will be online.

      **** ZOOM INFO WILL BE POSTED on the BASK calendar****
      Zoom info will NOT be on BUZZ
      Zoom info will NOT be on the BASK website except in the calendar
      Please do not share Zoom information on social media.
      You must confirm that you have access to the BASK calendar prior to the meeting. Please do not wait until the last minute to do this. We may not have the resources to assist you at the last minute.

      Please make your Zoom “Display Name” your real name, as it is listed in the BASK directory. Here is information on how to do that:
      If your Zoom display name is, “I am a ZoomBoomber” and we can not easily verify that you are a legitimate BASK member, we may kick you out of the meeting.

      Keith Miller will speak on the state of the industry and all things kayaking.
      Keith is a both a founding member of BASK and California Canoe & Kayak, one of the top Specialty Paddlesports companies in the country. CCK was founded in Marin in 1972 by paddlers and has remained a paddler owned and operated company since inception. They have been the leader in the development of instruction and access to paddlesports since the beginning. Keith started his business in his garage. He turned his love of water sports into a sometimes challenging but successful business and has watched as paddlesports have grown from a small community of paddlers to a world wide sport available to most everyone.
      You can learn more about CCK here:


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      Keith (blond, center) on the river in the early 80s