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Kayak Clubs

Greater San Francisco Bay Area

  • Berkeley Paddle and Rowing Club—(BPRC) is located in Berkeley at the Aquatic Park. Activities include rowing and paddling clinics and events. While most club members row and paddle recreationally for fitness, several train for, and compete in, masters events.
  • Petaluma Paddlers—A community of paddle sport enthusiasts in the Petaluma area dedicated to fun and safety on the water.
  • Sacramento Sea Kayakers—Located in Sacramento and has beginners to very experienced paddlers. They paddle local lakes, rivers and the Pacific from calm protected water to the open coast of northern and central CA.
  • Stanford Kayak Club—Mainly whitewater.
  • Western Sea Kayakers—A club with members that live in and around San Jose, CA.


  • Bore Riders—The official home of tidal bore surfing in the UK.
  • California Floaters Society—(CFS) is a paddling club in Northern California for all types of river craft, including kayaks, rafts, catarafts, canoes, river boards, and whatever else may come along.
  • California Kayak Friends—(CKF) is a club for paddlesport enthusiasts located in southern California. Most of their activities involve sea kayaking, but river runners and canoeists are welcome to join in the fun.
  • Chicago Area Sea Kayakers Association—Has promoted sea kayaking in the Chicago area for over twenty years. CASKA welcomes paddlers of all experience levels and promotes save paddling practices.
  • Columbus Area Kayak Association—A loose association of kayakers in central Ohio with a primary interest in flat water paddling in regional rivers, streams, creeks, estuaries, reservoirs, lakes and ponds.
  • Explore North Coast—An association of paddlers in Humboldt County that holds regular paddling events, promotes paddling safety and education, and encourages stewardship of, and improvement to, bay and coastal access on the California North Coast.
  • Florida Sea Kayaking Association—(FSKA) is a state-wide kayaking club.
  • Great Lakes Sea Kayaking Association—A non-profit organization, founded in 1989, whose aim is to promote and enhance the enjoyment of coastal kayaking in the Great Lakes area.
  • KASK—The Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers in New Zealand.
  • Knik Canoers & Kayakers—(KCK) is an Anchorage, Alaska based non-profit paddling club with members throughout Alaska and beyond.
  • Maatsuyker Canoe Club—Has lots of pictures from kayaking around Tasmania, a relatively small island state, 200km south of the rest of Australia.
  • Maine Island Trail Association—(MITA) maintains the the oldest and one of the largest water trails on our continent offering many different adventure opportunities along the Maine coast.
  • Metropolitan Area Sea Kayakers—(MASK) is on the East Coast and organizes trips from Maine down to the Chesapeake.
  • North Shore Paddlers Network—A New England club centered in the North Shore area of Massachusetts with members from Rhode Island to Maine.
  • North Sound Sea Kayak Association—NSSKA is based in Everett, Washington.
  • Oregon Ocean Paddlers Society—OOPS! is the acronym of the Portland paddling club, a large and active club with a good emphasis on safety, proper gear and skills development and engaged in a rich variety of sea kayak activities at all levels.
  • Qajaq USA—(or "Qaannat Kattuffiat" if you prefer) has an excellent web site with loads of information on Greenland-style kayaking.
  • Rocky Mountain Sea Kayak Club—Is in Colorado. Huh?
  • San Diego Kayak Club—In Southern California, has an extensive web site.
  • Santa Cruz Rowing Club—Isn't kayaking, but here they are.
  • Sea Kayak Association of British Columbia—(SKABC) runs an impressive training program for its members.
  • Washington Water Trails Association—(WWTA) maintains a set of launches and camping spots reserved for human powered watercraft and promotes responsible use.
  • Whatcom Association of Kayak Enthusiasts—(WAKE) is based in Bellingham, WA.
  • Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club—A club near on the Hudson River just north of New York, providing access to the river, boat storage, boat building and paddling activities.