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BASK 101: A Guide for New and Prospective Members

Here's a handy and concise guide for anyone who's new to BASK, or is interested in how we operate. Want to learn more? Continue reading our website, come to a monthly general meeting, or become a member today—get full access to the website, Currents (BASK's forum), and our monthly events and announcements email newsletter!

  • What is BASK, exactly?
    • BASK is a club of paddlers who engage in common adventures! Read more about the club and its mission.
    • We are a recreational club supported by modest annual dues paid by members.
    • BASK does not rent or provide paddling equipment. BASKers get the most out of the club if they have their own equipment. New members without their own boat are welcome, and often rent from local outfitters, which members can recommend. Members may also loan each other equipment.
  • How do paddles happen?
    • Trips are initiated by one or more people. Initiators often post paddles to Currents (the BASK forum), and also post them on the BASK calendar. Read more about being safe on BASK trips.
    • Do you want to paddle with others? Join an announced paddle, or initiate one yourself. New members are welcome to initiate paddles. Don't know enough to confidently and safely initiate a paddle? Ask another member to co-initiate a paddle with you; they’ll give you the help you need.
    • To improve your kayaking skills, enroll in the BASK Skills Clinic, take classes with local outfitters, or seek out practice sessions held by club members throughout the year.
  • How BASK is operated and run?
    • BASK is run and organized by volunteers. If you bring up an issue that should be addressed, you might have just volunteered to tackle it!
    • We have volunteer club officers that serve for one year (except Treasurers, who serve for three years).
    • Club structure and operating procedures are described in our Bylaws.
    • Club priorities, actions, and official policies are decided at planning meetings, which take place over Zoom. Agendas are announced ahead of time, and every BASK member is welcome! If you want to have a voice in these matters, attend a planning meeting, or have another member serve as your proxy and express your thoughts there. While discussion and debates have happened on Currents (our forum) or Buzz (our former listserv), club policy is decided at planning meetings, where members can freely discuss the pros and cons of various issues.
    • Planning meeting minutes are linked to in the newsletter every month and archived on the members-only section of our website.