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Time: 7-9 pm
Location: Zoom Meeting (invitation will be posted on the BASK calendar on the day of the meeting). Note: this meeting will be recorded.
About: Join us via Zoom for a virtual meeting to hear the latest club news and enjoy a talk by our featured speakers, Laura Zulliger and Melissa DeMarie. Their topic is "How to 'Freshen Up' Your Kayaking: Cross-Training in Whitewater to Elevate Your Sea Kayaking."

Join Melissa and Laura as we flow together through ways whitewater kayaking can not only enhance your sea kayaking but also deepen your understanding of hydraulics, boat control, complex rescue scenarios and it's also hella fun! We'll guide you through some ideal approaches for folks eager to get started or intermediates looking to build more skills.

Melissa is the Founder and Chief Instigator of California Watersport Collective. She's a dedicated paddlesports coach, fierce competitor, adventurer, mentor, and magnetic community builder both on and off the river.

Laura is California Watersport Collective's Saltwater Program Director but her relationship with the organization began as a student at a whitewater clinic. Having taught sea kayaking since she was 15, Laura began teaching whitewater kayaking (in addition to sea and surf kayaking) in 2018 with Cali Collective and remains a devoted and often-humbled lifelong student of whitewater.

Stay tuned to Currents and the BASK Calendar for more details.

Got ideas for meetings or locations? Contact Brian Alger, BASK President