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Time: 9-11 am
Location: Albany Community Center, 1249 Marin Avenue in Albany
About: Join us in person and meet the 2024 Skills Clinic candidates, hear the latest club news, and enjoy our featured speaker Cyril Derreumaux. Lunch and desert to follow orchestrated by our new Food Maven, Elena Gogoleva, and Dessert Chair, Margot Otway.
Featured Speaker: Cyril Derreumaux: "91-Day Completely Alone Across the Pacific in a Kayak. Lessons Learned"

Completely alone in an unforgiving and relentless environment: what does it take to think, act, and deliver like an athlete, to elevate your game, over and over again, until you reach your goals?
An incredible story of human potential, rising to the challenge and overcoming all odds: "Cyril is not just in it to win it. He is in it to expand limits, to rise to the occasion, to redefine possible, and to share what he has learned".
"The most important thing is not my adventure itself, but the learnings from it. The most important are what I can teach, pass on and transmit to others. I want to be a relatable and personified example of going after your passion, of going further, finding your inner drive, and always chasing the things in life that make you vibrate and feel alive" - Cyril Derreumaux

The Speaker:
Oceanic Rower and Kayaker, Guinness World Record Holder. French born, American citizen, Cyril Derreumaux is fluent in 6 languages, an adventurer and true citizen of the world. At age 25 be backpacked around the world in one year. At age 39, Cyril set a Guinness World Record for rowing in a team of four men from California to Hawaii in 39 days. Next, Cyril became the first 100% human-powered kayaker to paddle the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii, earning him another Guinness World Record. A member of the Explorers Club, Cyril is working on a book and a documentary, and he plans to paddle 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, in a 100% human-powered, solo and unsupported kayak - to become the only kayaker to have crossed two different oceans.

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