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Coastal Cleanup

Due to the longstanding commitment from BASK to ongoing coastal cleanup efforts, the California Coastal Commission, Coastal Cleanup, and Ocean Conservancy organizations are partnering with BASK to keep our playground clean. BASK has been selected as the ONLY organization to receive a supply of large and useful mesh bags for use in cleanups from our kayaks. In return, these organizations will honor and promote BASK on their websites and in some of their materials.

They ask that we adopt a particular beach or other area of the Bay for some on-going beach cleanup efforts. The organizations really need some data regarding what we end up gathering to help guide policy, use of resources, and public education. They have provided a cleanup card PDF for this purpose.

Coastal cleanups can be really fun as a team effort! BASK members are also encouraged to take photos of interesting and weird things found. When on the water, focus on kayaking, collecting trash, and having fun. The paperwork happens on shore, in teams.

If you receive a mesh collecting bag, please keep it and reuse it; limited quantities are available. If you will not be using your mesh bag, please hand it off to another eager BASK member. If the mesh bag has a data card attached, please do not use it; print out or email this Coastal Cleanup Data Card PDF instead. During the cleanup, please take some photos.

You can fill out the cleanup card PDF in Adobe Reader. To email the cleanup card and/or photos, write to our Coastal Commission Area Coordinator, Shannon Waters, at Shannon.Waters

Printed and filled out cleanup cards can be mailed to:
California Coastal Commission
Attn: Shannon Waters
45 Fremont St., Suite 2000
San Francisco CA 94501

If you have any questions about BASK's partnership with these organizations or want to help, contact Evelyn Poates.