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How to Sign Up Offline

To join BASK:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Print out the membership application/waiver form (see link below).
  • Read the waiver.
  • Fill out your information on the form, sign it, and date it.
  • Mail the signed form, along with a check for your first year's dues to:
    c/o Penny Wells
    50 El Pavo Real Circle
    San Rafael, CA 94903

Dues (payable to BASK):

  • Individual: $30
  • Senior/Student/Out of State: $20

We'll activate your account as soon as we receive your form and check. Your membership will be good for one year after BASK receives your payment.

Contact Information

Your name and mailing address are required, so that we know where to send your BASK bumper sticker and kayak ID sticker. We also require you to provide a valid and unique email address so that we can remind you to renew when your membership is about to expire. All other contact information is optional.

Unless you request otherwise, your contact information will be listed in the online directory in the members-only section of the BASK website. After you join, you can edit your membership profile on the BASK website, where you can supply additional information about yourself, as well as opt out of having contact information such as email address, street address, and phone numbers listed in the directory. Unless you opt out of the online directory entirely, other BASK members will always be able to see your city and state. If you opt out of the online directory entirely, you will not be able to see other members in the online directory.

Website Username/Password

On the membership application, you will need to choose a username. Your username may be up to 32 characters long and is not case-sensitive. After BASK receives your payment, you will receive an email with your username and a login link. The first time you try to log in, you can request password assistance; this will allow you to create a password. Your username and password will give you access to the members-only area of the BASK website. If your requested username is already being used by another member, a BASK administrator will contact you to help you choose an alternate username.

About BASK Activities

BASK activities are common adventures, shared experiences based on cooperation and mutual support. The initiators of BASK activities act as focal points to bring together the ideas, energies, and resources of the group, but are not formal leaders. They are not paid, do not represent BASK, and can take no responsibility for the safety or well-being of participants. Therefore, you should take the time to research and understand the degree of physical risk involved in these activities and be sure that you are prepared for it, make sure that you have all the required equipment and that it works, and be prepared to take responsibility for your own safety and good spirits throughout the activity.

One of the goals of BASK is to establish a feeling of community among Bay Area sea kayakers. If you know any sea kayakers who might be interested in BASK, please invite them to join us.

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