Next General Meeting: Wednesday, August 29

July 30, 2018 in Announcements, General Meetings by Krista Fechner (Admin)


Featured Presentation:

  • Topic: Antarctica, A Frozen Paradise
  • Presenter: Mike Edwards
  • Presentation Summary:┬áMike will present about the life and beauty of Antarctica as well as the “Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration,” focusing on the amazing survival story of the Endurance expedition led by Sir Ernest Shackleton. Various species of Antarctic birds, especially penguins, as well as seals will be discussed. Of course, no Antarctic presentation would be complete without the majesty of the enormous glaciers and icebergs of the Antarctic continent. Mike is a retired classical clarinetist who has performed as soloist throughout the world. Mike was also an electrical engineer, and is retired from that profession as well. As a kayaker he has paddled many parts of the world, including Sea of Cortez, Hong Kong, Thailand, Scotland, Italian mainland, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, the Adriatic, and of course the Antarctic. In California, Mike is a member of BASK and WSK and in the state of Washington, the Olympic Kayak Club, where he has given other presentations of his various travels. img_lg_me_Antarctica

Other Agenda Items

  • New member introductions

Transportation & Parking: You can take BART to the 16th & Mission station; it’s a short three-block walk to the Women’s Building. If you must drive all the way, we have a special arrangement that allows us to park in the Mission High School lot on the west side of Delores Street between 17th and 18th Streets. The parking driveway is closer to 17th Street and takes you up a ramp to an elevated parking slab behind a chain link fence, as shown in this Google Street View. From there, it’s a two-block walk. Put something that says “BASK” on your your dashboard. The lot will be locked at 10 pm, so make sure you’re out well before then. Other parking in the Mission is limited. If you need to drive, carpooling and parking west of Mission St. are recommended. There are two parking garages in the area. For trip planning information, see the Women’s Building contact page.