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Time: 7 to 9 pm
Link to connect through Zoom: See BASK Calendar, website member's home page, Buzz, or BASK Facebook Group

We have a great program for the General Meeting!

  • Open Discussion and Recent Trip Reports
  • 2021 Budget Vote
  • Club Announcements
  • BASK Photo Talent Show Series Premiere: Joe Petolino on "What's down there? Photos from Joe's underwater adventures, from the Caribbean to the Coral Triangle
  • Presentation: Gwenn Bëzard and Stuart Cook on "Solo Multi-Day Sea Kayaking in Northern California"

It's time for a review of the BASK 2020 financials and presentation of the 2021 budget ( The proposed budget has been discussed at recent planning meetings and all officers as well as those attending the February 7 planning meeting have reviewed and unanimously approved. For those of you who have not attended those meetings, the budget will presented and put to a vote at the February 24th general meeting. For those of you who want the details behind all this and are suffering from insomnia, please go to this Google spreadsheet:

Photo show description: Joe has been a BASKer almost from the beginning, and has served the club in many capacities, including President, Skills Clinic Coordinator, Database Manager, Trip Planner Developer, and Paddlin' Gourmet. His love of the ocean also extends below the surface, having made many hundreds of scuba dives both locally and around the world, including the Caribbean, the Galapagos Islands, and the tropical Western Pacific. Tonight he will share some of his favorite underwater photographs, showcasing the diversity of life in our oceans.

Presentation description: Sea Kayaking is instructed as a team sport, and for good safety reasons. Yet many paddlers, by choice or by necessity, end up paddling solo, including on multi-day trips. BASKers Stuart Cook & Gwenn Bëzard will share their inspiration for doing short, solo multi-day trips, how they built the confidence to do so, the people who inspired them, the skills they viewed as essential to venture alone, and what they learned in the process.