Next General Meeting: Wednesday, February 27

February 9, 2019 in Announcements, General Meetings by Krista Fechner (Admin)


Featured Presentations

  • Topic 1: Alaska Mothership Abyssinia
  • Presenters: Penny Wells & LaRhee Webster
  • Presentation Summary: Ever wanted to go kayaking in Alaska but didn’t want to deal with the bugs, the bears, the extreme tides, moving camp every night, pouring rain, wind, wet sleeping bags, freeze dried food, and just not enough space in your boat to put all the booze you want to bring but can’t find room? Well then, come listen to Penny and LaRhee extoll the joys of kayaking from a mothership. If you have visions of hot showers and post-paddle cocktails, you would be spot on. Zumba in the galley anyone?
    LaRhee Webster joined BASK in 2001 and has been BASK president and Skills Clinic Coordinator. Although not as frequent a paddler as she once was, she still owns six kayaks including a skin-on-frame she lashed, pegged, and stitched herself. Her last paddling trip to Alaska was last summer on her favorite mothership, the Abyssinia.


  • Topic 2: Kayaking vs. Rafting Trips
  • Presenter: Larry Moss
  • Presentation Summary: Larry’s presentation will be the flip-side of Penny and LaRhee’s relaxing trip. While preparing for and the daily tasks of kayak touring are a lot of work, a rafting trip can be at another level. The focus will be on the differences between a kayak tour and a rafting trip, though he’ll throw in a few stories and pictures about rafting the Grand Canyon.
    Larry is a former BASK President who still freezes up when the phone rings, as he fears the nomination committee might be desperate and call him again. He is the sole survivor of his 2005 Skills Clinic class. He still thinks the $30 annual BASK dues is the best investment he ever made.

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Other Agenda Items

  • New member introductions
  • Presentation of BASK budget for 2019

Transportation & Parking: You can take BART to the 16th & Mission station; it’s a short three-block walk to the Women’s Building. If you must drive all the way, we have a special arrangement that allows us to park in the Mission High School lot on the west side of Delores Street between 17th and 18th Streets. The parking driveway is closer to 17th Street and takes you up a ramp to an elevated parking slab behind a chain link fence, as shown in this Google Street View. From there, it’s a two-block walk. Put something that says “BASK” on your your dashboard. The lot will be locked at 10 pm, so make sure you’re out well before then. Other parking in the Mission is limited. If you need to drive, carpooling and parking west of Mission St. are recommended. There are two parking garages in the area. For trip planning information, see the Women’s Building contact page.
Note: This presentation will NOT be broadcast as a “virtual meeting” or recorded for the BASK YouTube channel.