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Open Palm Mitt Instructions

by Steve Rock


Download the PDF version (260kB) with more photos and the life-size pattern.

  • 2-4 mm wet suit neoprene one side nylon. (1/8 inch is 3.4 mm).


  • 2-4 mm wet suit neoprene one side nylon. (1/8 inch is 3.4 mm).
  • Wet suit contact cement. (Do not use Aquaseal). Follow product directions. Glue
    contains MEK and toluene. Google the toxicology; judge your ventilation; and buy
    an organic vapor respirator if you want. Gluing should be done at room
    temperature, more or less.

Mitt pattern


  1. Print the pattern sheets. (Note: There are two sheets for easier printing on letter
    size paper. Otherwise, to fit the whole pattern, a bigger paper size would be
    necessary). Verify that the pattern prints full size. The boat shaped cut-out should
    be two and fifteen sixteenths inches long. Overlap the pages so that the lines
    correspond and make them into one sheet with tape.
  2. Trace the patterns onto neoprene. The little piece can be disassociated from the
    big piece. Flip both patterns pieces over and trace the other mitt.
  3. Cut the pieces including the boat-shaped cutout.
  4. Coat all edges to be joined with glue and allow to dry per glue instructions. On
    the small piece this is the convex perimeter from C to F. Make sure you're gluing
    the left-hand small piece to the left-hand main piece (and vice-versa).
  5. Reapply glue and close the boat shaped gusset in the center of the main piece.
  6. Glue closed the thumb tip E-E.
  7. Glue closed the gussets between X and D.
  8. Fold the main piece lengthwise and glue the seam up the side of the wrist (A-A
    and B-B).
  9. Start gluing the small piece to the main piece. Start at A on the small piece and
    match it to previously glued A-A.
  10. Continue gluing the pieces working from A-A to X-X to Y-Y to Z-Z.
  11. Continue gluing the pieces working from Z-Z to D-D to C-C. The small piece is
    stretched as it is glued.
  12. Coming back to point A, continue gluing the small piece to the main piece: F-F.
    Do not stretch.

Congratulations! You've made one mitt. After you try the mitt you can trim the opening
(small piece) if desired.

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