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Time: 7 pm Pacific time (US and Canada)

Note that this meeting is on the THIRD Tuesday of the month this time.

Submit an agenda item.
Zoom Meeting details to be available in the BASK Calendar on the day of the meeting. This meeting will be recorded.

Preliminary Agenda

  1. Opening of Meeting
    1. Vice President calls the meeting to order at 7 p.m.
    2. Roll call by secretary.
  2. Review of meeting minutes from June meeting
    1. Vote on approval of meeting minutes.
    2. Review the action items from minutes.
  3. President Tom Colton reports
  4. Treasurer Tim Yarish reports
  5. Member-at-large Jim Ferris reports
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Safety and Education (Margot Otway & Jenn Fury)
    2. Website/Database (Darryl Thomas & Krista Fechner)
    3. Librarian (Jim Ham)
    4. Speaker Seeker (Ken Mannshardt/Laura Zulliger)
    5. Environment (Ellen Simms)
    6. BASK Ambassadors (Brad Curry)
    7. Newsletter (Deborah Davis/Cris Lewis)
    8. Facebook (Treve Johnson)
    9. BASK Archivist (Kathleen Scanlon)
    10. BASK Communication Committee (Johan Niklasson)
    11. Chart on Every Deck Initiative (Angela Davis)
  7. Discussion Topics
    1. Website security: One Password (Darryl T)
    2. Surge Scholarship (Beth Kim)
  8. Closing of Meeting

Zoom info will be posted on BASK calendar on the day of the meeting.
Zoom info will NOT be on Buzz.
Zoom info will NOT be on the BASK website except in the calendar.
Please do not share Zoom information on social media.

You must confirm that you have access to the BASK calendar prior to the meeting. Please do not wait until the last minute to do this. We may not have the resources to assist you at the last minute.

If you have trouble logging in to zoom, this sometimes happens, please be patient. We will post updated information to the BASK calendar.

If you do need assistance, please email James Jacobs.


Zoom Name

Please make your Zoom "Display Name" your real name, as it is listed in the BASK directory. Here is information on how to do that:
If your Zoom display name is "I am a ZoomBomber" and we cannot easily verify that you are a legitimate BASK member, we may kick you out of the meeting.

Link to Planning Meeting Minutes archive

Questions: VP Beth Kim,