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Login Help

To enter the members-only sections of the BASK website and access BASK's Currents forum, you'll need your BASK username and password.

If you are a current BASK member and you can't remember your username or password, click the link below and enter your email address in the username/password assistance page, and we'll send you your current BASK username, plus a link that will allow you to reset your password if you still can't remember it. For security reasons, we are unable to retrieve your current password from our database.

Get a Reset Password Link

If you've never been a BASK member, you can sign up here.

If your BASK membership has expired, you can renew it here (you must be logged in first).

If you joined BASK online, then you chose your own username and password at that time. To jog your memory, they conform to the following rules:

  • Your username can be up to 20 characters long. User lowercase letters and/or numbers. Spaces are not allowed.
  • Your password must be at least six characters long. We recommend using a strong password—use a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols such as # @ ! $ & ^ ? and %. Case is significant—your password may contain capital letters, and they will be treated as different characters from their lowercase equivalents.

Here are some additional password tips:

  • Don't write your passwords down.
  • Don't save your passwords in a browser.
  • Don't share your passwords with others, and don't send passwords by email.
  • Don't re-use your BASK password on other websites.
  • Create unique strong passwords for all websites that you visit, especially ones that store financial or other sensitive data.
  • Because multiple strong passwords can be difficult to remember, consider using password management software that will remember your passwords for you.

Reminder: Your Currents forum password is the same as your BASK website password.

A note about family memberships: Each individual member of a BASK family membership has his or her own username and password.

If your password suddenly stopped working, chances are you need to renew your membership. You'll get your login privileges back again when we receive your payment.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact BASK Online Membership.