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Renew Your Membership

Renewing your BASK membership is fast and easy! By renewing online, you can pay using PayPal or a major credit card, and electronically agree to the mandatory BASK membership waiver. Your membership will be good for one year after your current membership expires; if your membership lapsed, it will be good for one year after your payment date. Don't miss out on access to trips, expeditions, clinics, workshops, the Currents forum, all that amazing food, and more!

You must be at least 18 years old to renew. Your current membership category is listed in your renewal email message and shown under Membership Info in your member profile. Generally, you will want to choose the same category when you renew. If choose a different membership category, please alert that you have done so.

Individual ($30/year)

This is a standard BASK membership for one person for one year. Renew now!

Family ($45/year)

Have more than one paddler living under your roof? Sign up as the primary family member and then add more family members (including children under 18) free! Renew now!

Student ($20/year)

Are you a student? You get $10 off your membership—hit the books and hit the water! Renew now!

Senior ($20/year)

Seniority has its privileges. We’ve got a $10/year discount for you, if you consider yourself a senior! Renew now!

Out-of-State ($20/year)

This discounted rate is for folks who aren’t local, but want access to BASK's information, discussions, and events. Keep abreast of Bay Area paddling year 'round! Renew now!

Prefer to Renew Offline?

You can also renew by downloading and printing a paper membership application form, filling it out, and sending it in the mail with a check. (Please don’t use this form if you are able to renew online.)

Renew Offline (individual, student, senior, or out-of-state) | Renew Offline (family)

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